4 Secrets To Remove Carpet Dents Caused By Furniture

When rearranging furniture in a carpeted room, you may notice that beneath each piece of furniture, carpet dents remain. Sometimes they go away on their own within a few days, but if you have waited to long to move your furniture, the indentations won’t want to budge. Before you get so annoyed that you consider moving your furniture back to its prior set-up, try some of the simple tips listed below. Learn how to get rid of carpet dents, leaving your carpet smooth and unblemished.

#1: Ice Cubes

First, try fighting the carpet dents with ice. Place a few ice cubes on the dent and wait a few hours. When the ice has liquefied, use a sponge or towel to soak up any excess water. Afterwards, use a spoon or fork to gently lift the carpet fibers.

#2: Steam Iron

If ice doesn’t do the job, try heat! Lay a clean cloth over the carpet dents and use your iron’s steam heat on the cloth. It’s critical that you use a cloth between the iron and the carpet to avoid damage. After, use a spoon or fork to lift the fibers.

#3: Damp Towel & Iron

If steam heat isn’t working, try laying a moist towel on the carpet dent. Place your iron on medium heat; iron the towel for 30-60 seconds (again, being careful not to touch the iron directly to the carpet). In this process you have to leave the towel on the dent. Remove the towel once it is completely dry. Follow up by vacuuming over the area to suck the carpet fibers up to their full height. Depending on your vacuum, it may be more effective to use one of the vacuum’s accessories for a stronger pull.

#4: Blow Dryer

Lastly, try spritzing the area with water and then using a blow dryer on the indentation. If your carpet is made of wool or nylon fibers, the heat will help it return to its former state. Use your fingers or a utensil to push up the fibers as you blow dry.

Of course, sometimes learning how to get rid of carpet dents won’t help. If all of these methods fail to raise the dents, you may have to assume that they are there to stay. You may want to cover the dents with furniture (whether the original or something new) or hide them beneath a rug.

If you want to avoid carpet dents altogether you have a few options. You could invest in a high-density, dent-resistant carpet or a strong, thin carpet pad. Both can be high-priced, but they will help your carpet withstand the weight of furniture. You could also use furniture coasters (flat discs that distribute weight over a wider area) but many people find these tools unappealing. Ultimately, you could also try moving your furniture more frequently, even if just by a couple inches. This can stop those ugly depressions from becoming permanent.

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