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When water damage occurs in your home, the most important thing to do is to get it fixed as quickly as possible. If left untreated, standing water can easily cost you more money then you could imagine. Water damage affects your home’s structural integrity, in addition to its appearance. Even if it may look dry on the surface, there are still places in your home where water can travel. It travels in small cracks and holes, which can lead to serious structural problems, warping of flooring, or even unappealing odors.

When you choose Steamatic for water restoration, our emergency service technicians can quickly come to your home, repair the area that the water originated from. We will also remove any standing water and thoroughly dry above and underneath the surface to prevent future problems.

Different Water, Different Situations

Depending on how your water damage occurred, there are different types of water which could be affecting your home. Depending on the type of water which has damaged your home, your flooding could also necessitate a more thorough cleaning than with clean water.

The three main types of water which we handle are:


Clean Water

Fresh water damage, which is not harmful to humans, and can be caused by events such as water lines bursting.


Grey Water

Water from dishwashers, washing machines, toilet bowls etc. This can cause some degree of contamination, as this water contains microorganisms or nutrients for microorganisms.


Black Water

Containing pathogenic agents which makes it extremely unsanitary, black water sources are from sewage or other contaminated water sources entering a structure.

Act Fast

Also key to determining the severity of your water damage is the amount of time which has passed between when the flooding occurred, and when you seek treatment for your water damage. By acting quickly, you can avoid costly water restoration repairs down the line.

Within Minutes

Immediately, water damage spreads far from the point of origin, causing damage throughout the area. This flooding can also transfer stains from metal and wood furniture, especially antique furniture, and can stain your carpeting and other parts of your home. Paper goods are also damaged and when they come into contact with water and will start to swell, split and warp.

Within Hours

Hours after your flooding, furniture can start to delaminate, causing it to swell or warp and leading to the legs splitting and the tarnishing of uncoated metal surfaces. In addition to furniture damage, any exposed drywall will begin to soak up water, which can contribute to a musty odor from the standing water, as well as making normal household odors become more apparent. If left untreated for this time, a clean water intrusion can then start to become a grey water situation, as the water begins to break down chemicals in surrounding materials.

Within Days

After days of exposure, a clean water damage will the become a grey water intrusion. This means you’ll start seeing signs of fungi appearing with an even stronger musty odor. Your drywall, such as sheetrock, gypcrete and other porous building materials, will begin to absorb even more water, causing them to swell and disintegrate. Additionally, any uncoated metal surfaces will start to show the beginning signs of rust, and door and window casings will start start to split, swell or warp, along with your furniture. Depending on their location of the water, electronic components may start to malfunction, leading to unsafe conditions throughout the affected area. Furthermore, your air quality will begin to be compromised, leading to further safety issues.

Within Weeks

After weeks of exposure, a grey water intrusion then turns into a black water situation. Mold spores will start causing even more severe damage to natural fibers, paper coverings on wet drywall, paneling, and other building materials. Other building materials, such as wood, will start to warp and split, while the chemicals within wood dissolve, discolor and destroy finishes. Serious health hazards will also begin to develop, and can progress enough to need protection equipment just to enter the affected area.


Why Choose Steamatic For Water Restoration

When you choose Steamatic for your water damage restoration needs, you can rest easy knowing that our technicians are some of the most highly trained and qualified in New Mexico. We will remove any traces of water and fix the point of origin of the leak. We will ensure there is no possibility of a future leak while yours is being treated. In addition to containing the leak, we will also thoroughly dry any surfaces that were exposed to water in order to try to save you as much money and hassle as possible. So if you have been affected by water damage, don’t trust you home to anyone but the best – the water restoration experts at Steamatic!

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