Area rug cleaning done right!

Most people think area rug cleaning to be a DIY activity. However, contacting a professional can take a lot off of your shoulders along with making sure your rug is cleaned properly. Some people may think you can clean “all” area rugs the same way you clean carpet, but that is false. Some area rugs require a more thorough and gentle cleaning. Here’s how Steamatic can help with your area rugs.

We can provide high quality area rug cleaning

Professional rug cleaning goes that extra mile that your regular vacuum or home steam cleaner can’t go. The equipment and tools that we use will sterilize and clean your rugs, creating a hygienic environment for you and your family.

The rugs in your household can collect tons of dirt, grime and allergens brought in from outside. If one of your family members has any allergies, rug cleaning can help to lower the amount of allergens in the air.

Our technicians are trained and experienced

There are numerous types of rugs on the market. Some need special cleaning methods from others. By using the incorrect method of cleaning can harm your area rug fiber and in time ruins the rug.

Rugs can be expensive if you have to replace them. A professional rug cleaning can help prolong the life of the rug. Dust, grit and soil over time can permanently damage rug fibers. This damage results in wear and discoloration of the rug.

Having a professional clean your area rugs can help with troubled areas

Pets, children and the everyday traffic in your home can leave your rugs stained and worn. Our technicians can assist in you reviving your rugs, remove odors and prevent rugs from matting from use.

They can also evaluate your rugs use to establish how often you should get your rugs cleaned. Regular cleaning can help reduce some of these issues and maintain your rugs form so that they last longer.

We can help free up your time for other things

Area rug cleaning can be time consuming and an exhausting procedure. By contacting Steamatic of Albuquerque & Santa Fe, you can leave it in their hands. This allows you to devote your time doing things you love or to devote your time with your family.

Call 505-883-7766 today for our guaranteed area rug cleaning services!


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