Best ways to save your wood flooring

We realize that it’s difficult to have a professional come out to your home every time you have an accident. Down below we’ve listed some stress-free ways you can take care of your wood flooring between professional cleaning.

  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Wood flooring and moisture are not a good combination.
  • Maintain your pet’s nails to reduce scratching.
  • Ditch your high heels at the door.
  • Place protective covers on the legs of your furniture.
  • Place a rug in front of your front door and leave your windows closed during the day & night to prevent rainwater from seeping into your wood flooring.
  • Use rugs or runners in your heavy traffic areas to prevent the wood from wearing down as quickly.
  • Sweep every day or a few times a week to assist in keeping dirt & debris from scratching the wood, which can lead to dull floors.

For the best outcome, leave the larger areas of cleaning for the professionals. If you want to clean your wood flooring yourself, there are things you can do and certain things you’ll need to avoid doing.


  • First use a soft bristle broom to remove dust & dirt
    •   Use a vacuum cleaner without a rotating brush
    •    If you decide to use a cleaning product, use one that won’t leave a film
    •    Do use a somewhat damp towel or sponge for sticky spills


  • Use a wet mop or a soaking wet paper towel or rag to clean your wood floors (excess amounts of water can essentially cause your floor to expand and maybe even weaken the wood, which may cause cracking!)
    •    Use oil soaps on your wood flooring (this might prevent you from being able to recoat in the future)
    •   Use ammonia, wax or put chemicals on it until you know how it was installed and what kind of finish it has, the best thing to do is to call the company that you purchased the wood from.

Don’t let your beautiful floors get diminished! Call Steamatic at 505-336-4811 today to freshen up the look of your home with our guaranteed wood floor cleaning!


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