• How Often Should I Clean My New Carpet?

    As Albuquerque’s top carpet cleaning service, we’re often asked by new homeowners or those who are purchasing new carpet how often they should have their carpets cleaned. To get the longest life out of your carpet you’ll want to have it cleaned before it starts to show signs of being “dirty.” Soil and other particles […]
  • When to Begin the Process of Fire Restoration

    All of the fire engines may have left the scene, but the time has come to deal with the real damage. Costs are starting to pile up as you begin the process of restoring your commercial or residential property to the condition it was in prior to the loss. You need to call in a […]
  • Why you need to clean your dryer vent

    According to The Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are 15,500 dryer fires, 310 injuries and up to 30 deaths annually due to clogged dryer vents. It is recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned once every 6 to 12 months, and possibly more often if it has a lot of bends or is over 10 […]
  • Avoid Albuquerque Air Duct Cleaning Scams

    Everyone is constantly looking for the best deal that will save money, but sometimes this pursuit of savings can lead to hiring less-than-reputable companies who aren’t looking out for your best interests. At Steamatic, we want to warn our customers to look out for the constant scams offered by private parties and other companies which […]
  • Best ways to save your wood flooring

    We realize that it’s difficult to have a professional come out to your home every time you have an accident. Down below we’ve listed some stress-free ways you can take care of your wood flooring between professional cleaning. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Wood flooring and moisture are not a good combination. […]
  • Area rug cleaning done right!

    Most people think area rug cleaning to be a DIY activity. However, contacting a professional can take a lot off of your shoulders along with making sure your rug is cleaned properly. Some people may think you can clean “all” area rugs the same way you clean carpet, but that is false. Some area rugs […]
  • Grout Sealing: It’s Important To Keep Your Tile Looking Good

    A recently tiled shower, floor or countertop is a beautiful thing, and you’ll want to maintain that beauty. Grout is frequently considered the final stage in a tile installation. Anyone that has experience with grout understands it gets soiled quickly and doesn’t remain its original color. Grout isn’t as durable as the tiles it surrounds, […]
  • Why Leather and delicate upholstery cleaning requires a pro!

    According to frequent do-it-yourself websites, leather upholstery cleaning is a job that everyone can take a shot at. Although the sound of inexpensive and fairly easy work may sound like music to your ears, these DIY methods could potentially ruin your furniture and end up more costly than just calling a professional. When leather experiences […]
  • Safely rid your bathroom of mildew

    If you’re scratching your head at times wondering why the mildew in your bathroom continues to reappear even after all your scrubbing, here are a few things that will give you some thought. Mildew needs moisture, heat and grime to flourish. Therefore, it only makes sense that mildew develops very quickly on bathroom surfaces, particularly […]
  • Two Simple Ways To Remove Gum From Carpet

    We’ve all been there. You are walking into your house and realize that you have a lump of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, and now, it’s stuck to the carpet. Or one of your kids has found a way to successfully stick their gum in the carpet the corner of their room. […]