Buyer Beware

buyer bewareAt Steamatic, we always perform our Air Duct Cleanings effectively, efficiently, and correctly every time we take on a job. Unfortunately, there are individuals who have been implementing scams designed to target those who seek the best deal possible on there air duct cleaning.

These scams are perpetrated by the scammers first promising an air duct cleaning that is drastically cheaper than standard rates. These scammers will then begin working on the cleaning only to find a “problem” that will require immediate action, along with a hefty price tag to accompany it. These scams can then be doubly costly, as ducts that have not been cleaned, as well as improper work done to your ducts to “fix” them, often lead to even more costly repairs down the line to fix the damage done by the scammers.

Be careful when getting your air ducts cleaned, scammers will take advantage of unsuspecting, good-natured people. Buyer beware is an old saying that holds true in a lot of areas, but needs to be taken especially serious when it comes to home repair. If a home is not repaired and maintained properly, severe consequences can happen as a result. Remember that if it is too good to be true, it usually is. Here at Steamatic, we believe in being upfront with our customers, and offering the best service possible.

Below, you can find some helpful videos and articles that can help keep you safe from predatory air duct cleaning scams.

buyer beware