Carpet Cleaning Less Often Than You Think?

An everyday question carpet cleaning companies like Steamatic get from customers is “How can we keep our carpets cleaner longer?” The first thing that comes to mind when we hear that question is another question: “Do you or your family members wear their shoes in the home?”

Most of the time, the response is yes for homeowners, especially those with kids. Removing your shoes before walking on your home’s carpet is the #1 routine that will not only extend the interval between carpet cleaning, but also increase the lifespan of your home’s carpets.

Asking your home’s residents or any visitors to take off their shoes may seem like a lot to ask, and it may be difficult to establish this habit in the beginning, but just think of the money you can save in the long run.
Another common question that we receive from customers is about the darkening lines that can begin to appear on carpet along baseboards and around door openings. This is known as soil filtration. The condition is often the result of air moving in and around the room when the home’s HVAC system turns on.

Flooring in this condition can be improved upon with carpet cleaning tools and solutions that are made exclusively for the job. Burning candles in the home can exacerbate soil filtration in carpet significantly. It’s also essential to consider how much dust your home creates and to change your HVAC system’s filters on a regular basis depending on how many people and pets live in the home.

In addition to adopting a no-shoes policy and replacing HVAC filters, frequent vacuuming also extends the lifespan of your carpet and the time between carpet cleaning. Doing so will help remove the small particles of dirt and gravel that are abrasive to carpet fibers.

Consider embracing a no-shoes policy, regularly vacuuming and changing your home’s HVAC filters to add carpet’s value to your home and reduce the costs associated with its care.

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