Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning Services

While carpets add warmth and beauty to your home, they also trap allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. Furthermore, as New Mexico is a desert state, dust and dirt can quickly build up in your carpets. Cleaning carpets regularly protects them and maintains a healthy indoor air environment. Steamatic uses steam to deep clean carpets, and with our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, giving you the freshest, cleanest carpets today. When it’s Steamatic clean, it’s guaranteed clean.

We Clean Your Home as if it’s Our Own!

Carpet CleaningYour home is your sanctuary. It provides you with warmth, shelter, and relaxation, but over time it gets dirty. As you, your loved ones, friends, and others walk in and about your home, your carpets collect dirt, grime, and stains. When you need carpet cleaning, make sure you get it from the steam cleaning experts who will treat your home like it’s their own – Steamatic! We will come in and effectively clean your carpets until they look just like the day they were installed.

Carpet Cleaning With Steam

No soap or harsh chemicals-ever! They attract dirt and can be harmful. Instead, we steam clean your carpet using a patented super-heated water system that breaks up stains and debris. Other companies (and do it yourself machines) scrub the dirt deeper into the carpet.  Not Steamatic. We extract it from the carpet base without damaging the carpet fibers. We steam clean it correctly–the first time, every time.

Cleaning Done Right: Our Step-by-Step Guaranteed Process

  1. We vacuum first. Steamatic knows every cleaning job starts with the right preparation– our team will vacuum your home before steam cleaning the carpet, removing as much as 70% of soil particles in this first step.
  2. Spot treatment and preconditioning. You help us identify problem areas such as spots and stains, pet accidents, and high-traffic areas, and we pre-treat them safely and effectively for stain-free, like-new carpet. We also precondition your carpet with a soil suspender to minimize settling and redepositing of dirt.
  3. Hot, clean steam. Great carpet cleaning starts with water, and the hotter the better. Steamatic’s powerful cleaning machines maintain a consistent hot water temperature of 200 degrees– sterilizing as they clean, giving you soft, odor-free carpet.  And, it’s eco-friendly!
  4. Extraction. Removing the dirt and water from your carpet is the final, important part of the cleaning process. Our powerful vacuums do this in a way that home cleaning machines cannot. We always leave you with the cleanest and driest possible carpet. High powered air movers help speed up drying time.  Most of our competitors do not use them.

Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector

Steamatic professionals apply Maximum Advanced Carpet Protector to your carpets. Maxim Advanced works differently than other carpet treatments as it coats all of the carpet fiber, not just the top. Maxim Advanced protects fibers from the inside out, creating a complete stain barrier to protect your carpet.

Albuquerque Upholstery Cleaning

Just like carpet, your furniture is a magnet for dirt, smells, and stains. Steamatic cleans all types of fabrics and furniture pieces with the same guaranteed steam cleaning method used on your carpet. We also provide Lambrite dry cleaning process for the most delicate fabrics in your home. Call our customer service department for additional details.

Unmatched customer service is our guarantee, and Steamatic’s detailed approach to cleaning is the reason why New Mexico homeowners return to us over and over again.

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