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commercial coil cleaningThe importance of AC coil cleaning may seem trivial at best. The matter is much more pressing than you’d think! Built up dirt on your AC coils will cause your system to operate at significantly lower levels than it would normally. This doesn’t just mean a warmer home or office. A poorly maintained AC unit will wind up raising the price of your electricity bill as well!

While it’s recommended your cooling system get a thorough inspection twice yearly, it is vital for optimal operation that the coils get cleaned at least every six months. Keeping your coils free of dirt and debris will ensure that the air is always cold and the airflow is steady. Performing coil cleaning regularly will also protect your unit from any water damage. As with usage, the AC produces mass amounts of condensation which can pool up and cause harm to the unit itself.

Avoid the Hassle

We know how disgusting air conditioner coils can get. The process itself is not difficult, but it is time demanding and messy! Instead of putting it off and costing yourself more money in the future to replace your cooling unit, allow Steamatic to stop by for a cleaning. Our commitment to outstanding service will ensure you have a smooth running air conditioner and a cool house when you need it! Let us perform our magic on your air conditioner and keep you cool this hot summer!

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