Air Duct Cleaning

Without proper cleaning, your commercial air ducts can be spreading dust, mold, dander, bacteria, and various particles and organisms throughout your home. This could lead to serious health issues if someone in your home has allergies or other respiratory problems. When you choose duct cleaning Steamatic, you are one step closer to a healthy home!


Commercial Floor Cleaning Albuquerque

Commercial Floor Care

When you own a business, your floors have to deal with the foot traffic of you, your employees, as well as your clients. With every person who comes into your building comes added dirt and grime, that if left unattended, can quickly build up. With commercial floor cleaning services from Steamatic, you can get your floors back to their original, clean state.

Commercial Power Washing

Is grime building up on your office? A power washing from Steamatic can quickly tackle even the strongest dirt buildup. Our technicians will come to your office and power wash your walls, sidewalks, or any other surface you desire. With a power washing, you will take years of dirt buildup off your surfaces. They’ll look as fresh and clean as the day they were installed!

Power Washing Santa Fe

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When you need your business or commercial building cleaned or restored, there’s only one name to call – Steamatic. Our staff is trained and equipped to handle the jobs that supermarket rental companies can’t do. Get started by clicking the button to your right or giving us a call at (505) 336-4811.

Coil Cleaning Santa Fe

Coil Cleaning

One of the aspects of your business that is among the easiest to forget is your AC coils. Without proper maintenance, you could face expensive repairs further down the line, or even replacement. That’s why at Steamatic we offer coil cleaning services that will leave your AC in perfect working order. Don’t let your business be without AC this year, by contacting us today!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Steamatic provides commercial dryer vent cleaning for hotels, laundry facilities, and tenant housing. Dirty dryer vents contribute to poor indoor air quality, as well as posing a significant danger for overheating and fire. Additionally, blockages reduce the lifespan of machines and make them cost more to run. With professional dryer vent cleaning services from Steamatic, we will help you run your laundry facility efficiently and safely.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Santa Fe

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We know that cleaning and maintaining dryer vents and AC coils is not the top priority for business owners, that’s why Steamatic is here to help! Just one call to Steamatic will get your building running efficiently.

Pigeon Cleaning Services Albuquerque

Pigeon Cleaning, Sanitization & Prevention

When you live in the city, pigeons are a fact of life. In some areas, however, pigeons congregate, leaving substantial amounts of unsightly, unsanitary droppings. If you have a pigeon problem, we can clean and sanitize any area severely affected by pigeons. Additionally, we can set up barriers that will prevent pigeons from gathering on any surfaces which they have claimed. Pigeons don’t have to be an annoyance, with cleaning and prevention services from Steamatic.

Tenant Improvements

Steamatic specializes in both small and large tenant improvement projects for office, retail, and industrial properties. From painting, carpeting or other floor covering projects, to large scale space reconfiguration, Steamatic does it all! Not only are we your full service cleaning solution, but we are also a licensed (GB98), bonded, and insured general contractor.

Tenant Improvements - Albuquerque

Upholstery Cleaning Albuquerque

Upholstery & Fabric Panel Cleaning

Just like carpet, your furniture is a magnet for dirt, smells, and stains. Steamatic cleans all types of fabrics and furniture pieces with the same guaranteed steam cleaning method used on your carpet. We also provide Lambrite dry cleaning process for the most delicate fabrics in your business. If your business has fabric panes, we can also clean them until they look good as new!

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Our team has decades of experience in commercial cleaning, tenant improvements, and everything else  you need to keep your business running efficiently, clean, and hazard-free. Click the button to your right to request a quote!