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One of the key components that goes into the installation of a tile surface is grout. As tile flooring usually faces heavy foot traffic, grout becomes increasingly dirty as time goes on. This leaves your flooring looking drab as a result. If your grout has become an eyesore, a steam cleaning from Steamatic can clean your grout, and breathe new life into your tile floors. As grout is porous, you need equipment beyond simple brushes to remove set-in dirt and stains. With our unique steam cleaning methods, however, we can reach deep to remove more dirt and grime than any other cleaning method. With grout cleaning from Steamatic, your tile floors will be as clean as the day they were installed!

To effectively clean porous grout, agitation and pressure of 1,000 PSI is needed.

grout cleaningChemical cleaning methods are a popular choice to handle tough cleaning jobs, but what many fail to realize is that chemical cleaners leave buildup that can actually attract dirt over time. At Steamatic, we only use super-heated steam to perform our cleanings, meaning you can rest easy knowing your home is free of hazardous chemicals and cleaning solutions. So if you are looking for an all natural, effective solution to your cleaning problems, the choice is clear – call Steamatic today! Green cleaning solutions are becoming more popular and Steamatic is leading the way!

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