Grout Sealing: It’s Important To Keep Your Tile Looking Good

A recently tiled shower, floor or countertop is a beautiful thing, and you’ll want to maintain that beauty. Grout is frequently considered the final stage in a tile installation. Anyone that has experience with grout understands it gets soiled quickly and doesn’t remain its original color.

Grout isn’t as durable as the tiles it surrounds, so shielding it with sealer is a clever choice. Now I know, sealing tile grout may seem like a unrewarding job but you must consider the complications that can come from not taking this extra stepStained grout is practically impossible to clean. Also mold and mildew may creep under the tile through the grout.

Tile is so multi-purpose, it can be placed everywhere: kitchen, bathroom floor, kitchen backsplash, even inside the shower. Depending on where you decide your tile should go, the tile might get zero or very little moisture or it can be absolutely deluged with moisture, if you decide to place it in your bathroom.

You’ve got to shield those seams. Cement-based grout is absorbent, so it permits water to penetrate inside.  Epoxy-based grout is different and is not covered in this article because it doesn’t require sealing.

By applying sealer, you are keeping your grout looking like the very first day you had it installed. With sealer you are flooding, permeating, and completely dominating this porous grout structure with a secure, hard substance before the water make its way in.

You can maintain these results in between your professional cleaning by using a gentle cleaner onto your floors. Don’t learn the hard way by using vinegar it will break down the sealer and the grout, which will result in it getting dirtier faster. Use hot water and a gentle natural cleaner. Always rinse the floors after you wash them to remove any residue.

When it’s all said and sealing your grout will pull the look together!

Don’t put it off any longer! Call 505-883-7766 to get your grout cleaned and sealed today!


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