Tile and Hardwood Floors- Natural and Beautiful

With so many flooring choices today, it’s likely that carpet care is not your only concern. If you have a hard surface or tile anywhere in your home, you know that keeping it looking clean and new is a difficult job. We track dirt and grime in from the outside on the hard surface, spills and dirt stain the grout, soap from mopping leaves a residue, and eventually even the most expensive floors will look dingy and need a professional cleaning. The Steamatic team can help!

Tile and Grout

Steamatic cleans and restores ceramic, flagstone, marble, and granite tile with a scratch-free and guaranteed cleaning process. We clean floors, counter tops, walls and other hard surfaces using a powerful water wand, commercial-grade cleaners, and thorough hand scrubbing. Steamatic will remove years of buildup from your floors safely, restoring their beauty and extending the life or your floor.

After a thorough Steamatic cleaning, we recommend professional grout sealing. Steamatic’s penetrating sealer protects porous grout, making it easier to keep stain free between professional cleanings.

Hard Surface & Hardwood Floors

hard surfaceAs hardwood floors increase in popularity, modern cleaning techniques are quickly being developed to help protect and beautify. A Steamatic hardwood floor cleaning goes places your mop can’t– into the smallest nicks and dings to remove dirt, grease, and residue.

Steamatic uses the Dirt Dragon™ cleaning system to give your floor a powerful scrubbing without scratching or dulling the wood. Your floors are safe with us. We also recommend sealing your wood floor for further protection with either our high gloss or satin finish. Trust Steamatic to leave your wood floors streak free and spotless in a way that mops aren’t trained to.

Call our office for more information about a professional tile or hardwood floor cleaning.

Vehicle Cleaning Services

We are Mobile!  What that means is we come to you.  Our reliable and friendly technicians do a quality job.  We offer a quality steam clean process where we continuously keep the hot water between 195-200 the entire time we clean your vehicle.  This process leaves your vehicle sanitized and helps you maintain the pristine condition of your vehicles interior.  We specialize in Cars, Trucks, Limos, Taxis, as well as oversized and recreational vehicles.  Call us today for a free estimate.

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Steamatic is your total solution for clean floors and quality vehicle cleaning.

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