Post-Disaster Reconstruction

When the Unexpected Strikes

Reconstruction 2The physical, mental and financial damage left in the wake of a disaster is often times catastrophic. Though we know we cannot erase the pain caused by these events, we at Steamatic pledge to do our best to alleviate it. This all begins with the reconstruction of your home. One of the most painful parts of experiencing the aftermath of a disaster is knowing you have to pick up the pieces and rebuild not only your life, but your home as well. It’s where memories have been created, experiences shared, time spent. It’s why a strong sense of urgency is critical when it comes to reconstruction. Any time wasted could mean more structural, electrical or water damage for your dwelling.

 Making the Critical Moments Count

reconstructionSteamatic’s post-disaster reconstruction approach was designed to help those in need as rapidly and efficiently as possible, while maintaining the high-level of safety precautions our customers have come to expect from us. While time is of the essence, we place an immense value towards the care of the build. If the repairs are not structurally sound, the next time a disaster hits may cause more damage to your home than can be refurbished. At which point, some or all of the home may need to be demolished so that it may be rebuilt.

After any structural reconstruction has been completed, electrical and plumbing damage must then be catered to. These situations can be time sensitive if water is readily leaking within the home, ruining carpet, flooring, and even walls if the water reaches such a level. As your licensed General Contractor, Steamatic will communicate with you for every step– starting with the initial damage assessment and ending with the completed reconstruction of your home. With available debris removal, interior & exterior painting, HVAC systems, and flooring, we are committed to helping families and business owners get back to their pre-loss state.

Don’t leave such a delicate project in just any hands, leave it to Steamatic, where we provide exceptional results and compassion to every one of our clients.

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