Carpet Cleaning Albuquerque

Residential Carpet Cleaning Albuquerque

A clean carpet is one of the best ways to add comfort and warmth to your home. Unfortunately, as we spend time in our homes, dirt, grime, and a host of other substances can leave your carpet looking dingy and lacking the beauty it once had. If your carpet has seen better days, you have two options: either pay for a carpet replacement which can easily cost thousands of dollars, or restore your carpet’s beauty with a steam cleaning from Steamatic!

In addition to the great money-saving benefits of Steamatic’s carpet cleaning services, our steam cleaning also has the benefit of not using harsh, dangerous chemicals. Rather than cleaning with chemicals, we use only super-heated steam. This allows us to breakup dirt and grime, freeing these particles to be fully extracted from your carpets. With scrubbing machines utilized by other carpet cleaning companies, not only do they push dirt further into your carpets, but they can damage carpet fibers, as well.

With Steam Cleaning from Steamatic, you can have peace of mind that your carpets will be clean, undamaged and free of harmful chemicals.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Albuquerque

The Steamatic Step-By-Step Guaranteed Process


Vacuum Your Carpets

At Steamatic, we know that every job begins with proper preparation. That is why our carpet cleaning process always starts with a thorough vacuuming. By removing large particles from your carpet, our team ensures that your carpets are as clean as possible before they are steam cleaned. In fact, this process typically removes as much as 70% of soil particles in the first step, alone!


Spot Treatment and Preconditioning

After we vacuum your carpets, we then use you to help us identify problem areas such as spots, stains, pet accidents, and high-traffic areas. We will then pretreat these areas safely and effectively so your carpet will look good-as-new and free of stains. We also precondition your carpet with a soil suspender to minimize the amount of dirt that settles in your carpets.


Steam Clean Your Carpets

A great carpet cleaning starts with water – the hotter the better! By maintaining a consistent hot water temperature of 200°, Steamatic’s powerful cleaning machines sterilize as they clean. This leaves you with a soft, clean, odor-free carpet, free of dirt and bacteria. As an added bonus, it’s eco-friendly, with no harmful chemicals!



The final step of our carpet cleaning process, we extract the dirt and grime loosened in our previous steps. By utilizing powerful vacuums, we do this in a way that other home cleaning machines cannot. This power leaves you with not only the cleanest possible carpet, but also the driest, as our high powered air help speed up drying time.

Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector

As an added bonus to our customers, Steamatic professionals can apply Maximum Advanced Carpet Protector to your carpets. Maxim Advanced works differently than other carpet treatments as it coats all of the carpet fiber, not just the top. This creates a complete stain barrier protecting your carpet from those penetrating stains. Maxim Advanced protects fibers from the inside out!

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