Dryer Vent Dangers

Every time you wash and dry your clothes the dryer collects lint, most of it is collected by the screens in your dryer but a small percentage starts to accumulate inside of the dryer vent. This is not a big deal unless you don’t regularly clean your vents, then it can become a hazard inside of your home. According to the National Fire protection Association (NFPA) in 2010, an estimated 16,800 reported U.S. home fires involving dryers or washing machines resulted in 51 deaths, 380 injuries and $236 million in direct property damage. Choose professionals when looking for a dryer cleaning service. With Steamatic, we will thoroughly clean your dryer vents and then hook them back up like nothing even happened. Our cleaning will not only make them work properly, but will make them safe for operation again.

Signs That Your Dryer Vent Needs To Be Cleaned

  • commercial dryer ventClothing takes a long time to dry
  • Clothes come out hotter at the end of the cycle than usual
  • Your outside of your dryer is hot to touch
  • The dryer is shutting off before the end of a cycle (a safety feature indicating that the dryer has exceeded what is considered a safe temperature)

Why Choose Steamatic?

Steamatic has over thirty years of experience in the field. We will not only unclog your dryer vent; we will also show you proper maintenance techniques so your dryer vent will be working at maximum efficiency for years to come. We are the best at what we do, and we will make your dryer vent be the best it can be. Efficiency and safety go hand in hand, so let us save you time and money by cleaning your dryer.

Call Steamatic’s friendly staff and let us help you with your dryer needs.