odorUnusual odors can create a nuisance inside of your home, the odor can linger even after several attempts to get rid of it. When you choose to hire a professional residential odor and deodorization service the smell will be gone as soon as we’re finished. We guarantee our work. The first step of the process can either be the easiest or hardest part. We first attempt to locate and destroy the source of the smell. In some cases, like during fire and smoke restoration, this may be too difficult to do before cleaning the area. Once the source is destroyed, the Steamatic technician will thoroughly perform a deep cleaning on any surfaces or items that were affected by the source of the unappealing smell. While carpets are often the primary location for odors to take root, furniture, clothing, and drywall may also take on the scent if they are exposed long enough. These surfaces must be cleaned carefully and thoroughly to prevent the smell from coming back.

Possible Causes of Odor in Your Home

  • Pets.
  • Rodents & Decaying Animals.
  • Smoke.
  • Chemicals.
  • Mold & Mildew (Potentially caused from excess humidity).
  • Bathroom Rot.
  • Plumbing.
  • Poor Ventilation.
  • Old Air Filters.

This variety of odors means there’s several different cleaning techniques and Steamatic of Albuquerque has you covered! At Steamatic our team of professionals are equipped and trained to get rid of any odor lingering inside of your home. We have the experience you can trust. One call and you and your loved ones will be breathing happily once more!

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