Safely rid your bathroom of mildew

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If you’re scratching your head at times wondering why the mildew in your bathroom continues to reappear even after all your scrubbing, here are a few things that will give you some thought. Mildew needs moisture, heat and grime to flourish. Therefore, it only makes sense that mildew develops very quickly on bathroom surfaces, particularly in the shower. It’s not just the moisture left behind, but also the residue from soap, shampoo products and body oils that produce the not so desirable sight of mildew.

There are over-the-counter products that can help prevent or remove mold & mildew build up, but these are usually rather harsh. If you believe in a green home and prefer safe, eco-friendly products, the best way to remove or prevent mildew is to have the surfaces professionally cleaned and sealed by your local Steamatic tile & grout cleaner.

The sealant used by Steamatic professionals keeps mold and mildew at a stand still until the next professional cleaning, and you can also take advantage of keeping growth to a minimum by wiping the walls down following any and all showers or applying a mixture of white vinegar and water every week or so. Small spots of mildew may not appear like a big deal, but if your uncovered skin comes in contact with these spots, the fungus can invade your skin cells and cause a rash or allergic reaction.

When looking around make sure you choose professionals who can not only keep you on a green home cleaning routine, but will help you to maintain a green and clean home on your own in between visits. If your budget is an issue, keep a look out for Steamatic of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we offer daily specials!

If the mildew in your bathroom has been on your mind and you can’t seem to get rid of it, we at Steamatic of Albuquerque & Santa Fe can help! Call 505-883-7766 today to schedule your appointment and save 10% on same day or next day appointments!



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