The best carpet padding options

When you are investing in new carpet or rugs, it is essential to purchase good padding. Now, you may think that your rug or carpet may be thick enough already, but keep in mind that carpet padding can help lengthen its life and durability. There are numerous types of carpet padding that are easily obtainable. It is critical to get the right thickness of padding for the specific type of rugs and carpets that you have.

Selecting  thinner carpet padding does not mean it wouldn’t be a great choice for your rugs and carpets. You can buy a memory foam pad. Memory foam can be costly, but they can also carry a lifetime warranty. If memory foam is too expensive you can get a less expensive foam padding. One thing to look for when making your choice is how it handles moisture. Moisture resistant carpet padding is the best option. That way if you have a spill or a pet accident happens, the moisture stays on top of the carpet or rug for easy removal. Padding that absorbs moisture can be hotspot for mold or mildew growth. As an added protection, some pads will have an antimicrobial protection to help prevent mold and mildew.

Having a back padding to your carpet or rug will also help absorb foot traffic pounding and reduce the wear and tear. If you place your rug on a hard floor, a good pad will help absorb the effect of foot traffic in addition to its sound deafening affects. Furthermore, the rug pad will stick to the floor much better than the backs of many rugs. Most oriental rugs may not offer a good surface to stick to a hard surface and this can cause the rug to slip from whoever may step on it causing an accident or can scratch and damage your flooring.

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