Two Simple Ways To Remove Gum From Carpet

We’ve all been there. You are walking into your house and realize that you have a lump of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, and now, it’s stuck to the carpet. Or one of your kids has found a way to successfully stick their gum in the carpet the corner of their room. What now? How do you remove gum from carpet?

Here are two ways to remove gum from carpet that may help your sticky situation!


Cut a piece of plastic wrap and grab a blow dryer. You can also use a grocery bag if plastic wrap isn’t obtainable. Turn the blow dryer on its highest setting and aim the air toward the gum with one hand. Hold on onto the plastic with your other hand, you’ll need it to eliminate the gum from your carpet.

Pull the gum from carpet with the plastic when the warmth from the hair dryer makes the gum more bendable. Resume aiming the heat at the gum and gradually pulling at it with the plastic of your choice until you have detached as much gum from the carpet as possible.

Inspect the area for residue and stains from the gum’s dyes. If any residue is left, you can use a muscle-rub product that contains “methyl salicylate” as an ingredient. Follow directions for using the rub, and end by eliminating any scents or stains with a mild detergent and a small amount of vinegar.


Place ice cubes into a sealed Ziploc bag and place it on top of the gum wad. Frozen cold packs for muscle pain relief can also do the trick. Keep the ice pack on the gum for about 30 minutes before attempting to remove the gum from carpet.

Lift the ice from the wad. Touch the gum to ensure that it’s frozen hard. The longer the ice pack lies, the gum will become more firm and make it simpler to remove from your flooring.

Grab a metal spatula or butter knife. Gently attempt to raise the gum off of the carpet fibers. Allow it to crack and break into pieces and remove as much as possible. Repeat rubbing ice on stubborn areas as needed.

Look to check if any gum is left on the carpet. If you have additional gum stuck in the fibers, check throughout your home or a local store for a muscle-rub product that contains “methyl salicylate” as an ingredient. This wintergreen oil has loosening agents and will remove any outstanding gum from your carpet. Scrub the product into the gum with a soft rag, and then use a toothbrush to brush the gum from the carpet and away from the fibers.

End this freezing method by cleaning the spot with a mild detergent and a splash of vinegar to eliminate any odors. Blot dry with a heavy towel and try to not walk on that area until it is completely dry.

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