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Have you ever woken up to an inch of water in your home? Even here in sunny New Mexico, pipes freeze and burst. Old welding and installations fail. Your washing machine springs a leak. Your sink starts spraying everywhere and suddenly you have gallons of water pouring into your basement, apartment, or house. What do you do? You call one of the best water damage restoration teams in the state. We’re available all day, every day, to help you mitigate water damage and start the water damage repair and mold removal process.  Steamatic of Albuquerque and Santa Fe is here for you.

Act Fast

water damage restorationWe don’t say “Call Now,” just because we’d love to work for you. We say “Call Now,” because in the event of a flooded home, time is of the essence. Standing water can quickly damage anything it touches. Depending where that water comes from, you might be dealing with a much bigger problem than just clean water from the washing machine.

Even an inch of standing water can cause serious problems. Problems start with the initial water damage. Then it continues as the water evaporates in the enclosed area. It will turn the affected rooms into mold’s paradise.

Detection and Mitigation

Steamatic uses the most sophisticated infrared thermography and moisture meters to find water damage wherever it hides. Measuring the temperature of specific spots in your room allows us to easily find moisture (it registers at a lower temperature than dry spots). Once we know where the water damage is, we will develop a plan to make sure any humidity is properly dealt with.

Removing any standing water is the first line of defense. It prevents the room from being humid and encouraging mold growth. Once the water is gone, we start to dry out the room with a variety of fans, heating devices, and dehumidifiers. Throughout the process, we continue to look for and monitor wet spots. The last step, once everything is dry, is to sanitize the room, preventing mold from growing.

Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration 2Water damage repair may seem like a daunting task. A few inches of water can seriously harm everything it comes in contact with. Reinstalling or replacing the carpet or flooring is our first step. Steamatic of Albuquerque and Santa Fe can even help you repair structural damage. As a top level construction company, you can place any water damage repair safely in our hands.

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