When Is It Time To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

You understand that you must have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly—but how often is “regularly” exactly? The reality is that there are various factors to take into account when deciding how often to call your local carpet cleaners: You have to consider your carpet warranty, how often you have visitors, and whether or not you have pets or children. We’ll go over all these instances together, review what damages some of them could mean for your carpet, and then offer a professional definition for “regular” in each of these circumstances. Lets get started!


Whether you had your carpet installed yourself or it was in your home when you moved in, you should have some kind of warranty on your carpet. Check the paperwork on this warranty to determine how often you should have your carpet professionally cleaned. Most warranties will suggest that your carpet be cleaned once a year, however you should check your own paperwork just to be sure.


A dog is a man’s best friend—but not your carpet’s. Any pet that doesn’t live in a cage or tank (usually, cats and dogs, of course) can inflict disaster on your carpet: The hair your pets shed can get entwined into the fibers; their misfortunes can soak into the padding and cause prolonged odors of ammonia—not to mention make a pool of illness-causing bacteria; their food messes can mesh into the carpet; they may unintentionally knock over drinks and cause carpet stains. If you have pets, it’s highly recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year, but preferably twice to ensure that it stays healthy and strong.


Children can be even more unpredictable than pets when it comes to big messes in the carpet. If you have an infant or a toddler, you know that the unthinkable can happen even when your back is only turned for a second: Your child may decide that it’s best to turn your carpet into a drawing board; they might get nauseous and have a tough time making it to the bathroom; even something as simple as an unintended spill could damage your carpet. If you have children in your home that have a tough time containing their messes, it’s best to have your carpet professionally cleaned about every six months to a year.


How often do you entertain? Do you host a poker night or book club once a week? Are you the go-to relative when it comes to having family over for the holidays? The more people you invite into your home on a consistent basis, the more possibilities you have to have something spilled or tracked onto your carpet. Unless you’re throwing some outlandish parties, however, you should be safe by getting your carpet professionally cleaned the standard recommended amount of once per year.

If any combination of the above situations is relevant to you, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Whatever the situation, you know you can trust Steamatic carpet cleaning to service your carpet, professionally and effectively. We have a number of background-verified carpet cleaning specialist who identify how to wield our custom-made equipment and appropriately distribute our exclusive sanitizing solution to keep your carpets looking and smelling clean and fresh.

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