When to Begin the Process of Fire Restoration

All of the fire engines may have left the scene, but the time has come to deal with the real damage. Costs are starting to pile up as you begin the process of restoring your commercial or residential property to the condition it was in prior to the loss. You need to call in a professional that fully understands all that is involved in the process of fire restoration in Albuquerque.

The process begins as soon as the authorities have determined the property to be safe. The acidic byproduct of a house fire, better known as smoke, has the ability to stain and corrode the surfaces of your home, such as your counter tops and interior walls. In addition, the steps that were taken to extinguish the blaze may have done even more damage than the blaze itself. For this reason, you need a professional with the skills necessary to handle damage from water, smoke and heat.

The damage timeline

Time is of the essence when it comes to fire restoration. During the first few minutes, soot residue from the fire will lead to discoloration of appliances, plastics and porous materials, such as marble and alabaster. Within the next few hours, the simple discoloration will become deeper set stains. Such stains will do the most harm to the grout work in your bathrooms, your counter tops and the finishes on your furniture and appliances.

In just the first few days following the fire, the stains on the appliances and walls will begin to set in and become harder to remove. In addition, the floor and furniture finishes will have sustained so much damage that they will require refinishing or replacement.

It is quite obvious that there is no time to waste and fire restoration must begin as soon as possible. In fact, the same day that the fire is put out is the best time to start.

The professional process

In order to have your Albuquerque home fully restored following a fire, you will need the services that only a professional can provide. It may help to understand the steps that are involved.

First a specialist will inspect the entire structure closely. This is to pinpoint any trace of damage throughout the home. Then, you will receive a quote for the restoration.

Once the price has been set, professional equipment will be used to clean everything that was found in the initial inspection. Then, ozone technology will be used to permanently eliminate any odors.

Finally, any areas that require more rigorous methods for restoration will be packed and sent to a professional facility for cleaning and deodorizing. Fire restoration is a complex process that can take several weeks to complete. The longer you wait to call in a professional, the worse the damage will be.

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