Why Leather and delicate upholstery cleaning requires a pro!

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According to frequent do-it-yourself websites, leather upholstery cleaning is a job that everyone can take a shot at. Although the sound of inexpensive and fairly easy work may sound like music to your ears, these DIY methods could potentially ruin your furniture and end up more costly than just calling a professional.

When leather experiences dirt build-up, stains, and other blemishes it is vital to know the suitable means for facing the challenges you may have when cleaning your upholstery. Although it is relatively durable, leather can be further damaged when using the incorrect cleaning products. There are numerous methods online that suggest household items such as vinegar, olive oil, and brewed tea but they may not return the piece to its original, faultless appearance.

Alternatively, a certified professional has the equipment and education to eliminate stains and scuffs of all sizes. Before you spend your money, it is crucial to know just what sets a high quality company apart from the rest. Their training and accreditation, as well as their professional reputation can give a hint into what the company has to offer. The suitable training required to become a certified professional is available and will set them apart from their competition.

Here at Steamatic of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we have technicians that specialize in leather and delicate upholstery cleaning. We make sure any cotton, Haitian cotton, chintz, leather, suede or micro-fiber fabrics are handled with care. We carefully and thoughtfully use only the most appropriate cleaning method for your piece of furniture. Our upholstery cleaning process includes using mostly foam so that there is very little water included. This ensures the fabric does not shrink or brown out. Steamatic prides itself on providing great customer service and even better quality cleaning which provides your material’s longevity.

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